We have four double rooms, three twin rooms, and a four bed dormatory.

The prices below are for a minimum of 2 nights. For a one night stay, there is an additional charge of 10 yuan per person.

The photos were taken at different stages in the renovation, and so there are slight differences between pictures.

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Family Room

Price: 100RMB

The family room is our largest room. It has a king size double bed, and a single bed. The single bed can also be used as a sofa.

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Double Room

Price: 80RMB

The double rooms are light and spacious. They have king size beds and colourful cloth ceilings. They are well insulated and warm in the winter.

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Upstairs Twin Room

Price: 80RMB

Before the conversion of the barn into double rooms, this would have been the main bedroom. It is simply decorated and has real sprung mattresses.

private rooms

Downstairs Twin Rooms and Double Room

Price: 70RMB

This part of the house was originally used for keeping pigs, but now has 2 twin rooms, and one double room. The rooms are simply decorated, with just the essentials. However, they have the benefit of being the warmest rooms in the winter, and coolest rooms in the hotter months.

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Dorm Bed

Price: 40RMB

No bunks in sight in our 4 bed dorm. Just real sprung mattresses and large storage boxes under the beds where you can keep your bags and gear.

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Hot Showers

We have 24H hot showers right behind the bar. Most days the hot water comes from the solar system on the roof, and for cloudy days it has an electric heater.

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