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Hot Showers

We have 24H hot showers right behind the bar. Most days the hot water comes from the solar system on the roof, and for cloudy days it has an electric heater. You won't find nicer showers in this part of the world.

Compost Toilets

You'd never have thought a trip to the toilet could be so enjoyable, or have such nice views. The toilets use a dry composting system whereby saw dust from my wood workshop is added to cover the 'waste'. This stops any bad smells and helps it turn into lovely compost we can use on the garden. A layer of grass is also added every couple of months to help the composting process. Once the toilet is full, the mixture of 'waste' and saw dust will be shovelled out and left in a pile to turn into compost. After a year it can safely be put on the garden. We promise it really doesn't smell.

Bike Rental

Price: 40RMB / day, 25RMB / half day

We have three well serviced bikes for rent, a 15" 21 speed mountain bike, a 19" 21 speed mountain bike with hybrid tyres (perfect if you mostly want to stick to roads), and a 17" 28 speed mountain bike with disc brakes.