Communal Dining Room

We have a large communal room with comfortable seating, where you can eat, drink or just chill out on rest days.

Currently our menu is quite simple. This ensures that the food is of a high standard and sufficiently nourishing for a hard day on the rocks. We are looking to expand our menu to include a variety of Chinese, Thai and Western foods. We also plan to build a wood fired pizza oven and have weekly pizza nights.

Breakfast: 10RMB

For breakfast we have a choice of noodles, fried rice, porridge, bread and eggs.

Lunch: 15RMB

If you want to eat in, we have fried rice or noodles. If you want to eat out we can provide fried rice to take away or sandwiches.

Dinner: 25RMB

For dinner we all eat together. That way you get a much bigger variety of food. Most evenings we eat Chinese style dishes prepared by Ling. All of the vegetables and meat are sourced locally, and we can cater for different tastes and food requirements.


We have cake, biscuits and fruit - price varied.


We have a selection of beer, wine, and spirits - all reasonably priced. We have organic Yunnan coffee, and some high quality Yunnan teas. The house also has a source of mountain spring water so if you bring your own bottle you can fill it up for free.

Example prices

Snow Beer (Chinese) - 6RMB / 550ml bottle

Beer Lao - 15RMB / 330ml bottle

Shangrila Craft Beer - 15RMB to 25RMB / 330ml bottle

Glenfiddich Whisky - 20RMB / shot

Organic Yunnan Coffee - 8RMB

Note - There isn't a shop in our village. There's a very small shop 2km away where you can by soft drinks and snacks. Shigu (6km away) has some bigger shops and a market selling fruit and vegetables. If there's anything you want to stock up on, do so on your way here.