This page is under construction. More info coming soon.

It is our intention that our hostel is not just a place to stay, but a place where people can come together, share ideas and grow.

English Classes

We will have regular English classes for children from the surrounding villages for a nominal fee. Tourism is a growing industry in northern Yunnan with more and more visitors from overseas as well as from China. For some of these kids a little English could help them to find work and make a "better life". In my opinion the more opportunities a person has the more possibilities of finding their place in the world, if they choose to apply themselves. Learning a bit of English is just one way to increase their opportunities. Anyone with a good level of English staying in the hostel can get involved with teaching if they wish. I try to make classes as fun as possible, with lots of games, songs and craft activities

Weekend activities for kids

We also want to hold monthly activity weekends for Children from Lijiang and other nearby towns. A lot of children growing up in Chinese cities spend little time outdoors, going from school to home and spending free time playing video games. These will be a mixture of outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking and sports, as well as crafts, games, cooking, gardening and learning about the plants and wildlife. Although there won't be a strong emphasis on English at these weekends, children will be able to practice what they have learnt at school, and will allow them to learn new language in a natural environment, without the pressures of the classroom. They will also learn to see the mountains in a different way, and not just as "a place where poor farmers live"

One-off and seasonal events

The hostel will accommodate around 16 people, making it a suitable size for clubs and groups wanting to hold their own events. With the peaceful surroundings it could be especially suitable for yoga and meditation retreats.
We also want to offer chinese cooking, western cooking, baking, traditional crafts and much more.