The hostel is located on the edge of Lao Jun Shan National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Close to the "3 parallel rivers", one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, the variety of plants in the park is a botanist's dream. The valleys rise steeply with the highest peak being around 4500m above sea level and covered in snow for most of the year. Scattered across the mountains are tiny villages and hamlets which have remained relatively unaffected by the economic development. The people here are poor, living simple lives and making a living off the land. They have acquired extensive knowledge of the wild plants, supplementing their incomes by collecting medicinal roots, herbs and wild mushrooms for sale in Shigu and other market towns. They are extremely friendly and welcoming to travellers, always inviting them into their homes with offerings of tea, walnuts or fruit.

We have only just started to explore and map the surroundings. Once we have the time, we intend to find 3 day, 5 day and 7 day routes which take in the best of the mountain scenery, with accommodation and food provided by the villagers.

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Da Gu Cun 达古村 Walk

10km / 1100m ascent / 4 to 5 hours

A great half day walk starting from the guest house. It follows a well made path through a narrow valley to the small Lisu minority village of DaGu at a height of 3000m. Until recently this path was the only way to the village. Now they have a dirt road from the other side of the mountains making it much easier for them to bring heavier supplies, but it is still quicker for them to walk down the path when going to the market in Shigu to trade their produce. Along the way you'll see some amazing crags which we hope to develop in the future, and you might also meet the shepherd who lives in a cave.

From the village you can either come back the same way, or make a loop which then comes down a steep path and joins the main path half way between the guest house and the village.

Thank you Simon and Mathilde for this map.


First Bend of the Yangtze View

10km / 800m ascent / 4 hours

This walk can also be done in a half day. It heads up the next valley to the east of the valley leading to DaGuCun. At the top of the hill there's a small clearing in the forest offering a really nice view of the Yangtze river. The path then loops around through a small Lisu village and comes out on the back road to Shigu. From there you can either walk back along a quiet road or we can send a driver to pick you up.


In May 2014 we did a four day hike starting in Liming and passing close to the highest peak in Lao Jun Shan National Park. These are just a few photos to give you an idea of how beautiful it is.