The Stone Drum House is located near Shigu Town, in Yunnan province.

It is approximately 500km from the province capital, Kunming.
Kunming has direct flights from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, India (Kolkata), Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, France (Paris) and all major Chinese cities.

The closest city is Lijiang, which is only 1 hour away.
Lijiang has direct flights from most big cities in China, as well as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
There is a regular train service between Kunming and Lijiang which takes around 10 hours for the slow train, and 3 hours for the high speed train. There are day trains and night trains with comfortable sleeper carriages.

Flights and Trains- Check Ctrip to book flights and trains in China.

Get to Lijiang

If you're already in China check out direct flight to Lijiang. The price varies a lot but if it's not a Chinese holiday it's often possible to get a good price. If it looks too expensive then coming via Kunming might be cheaper. From Kunming to Lijiang you can fly or get the train. Night trains are comfortable and mean you don't lose too much time. For a "hard sleeper" (it's actually quite comfortable) it's about 150RMB. The fast train is 200RMB

From Lijiang to the Stone Drum House

Taxis to Shigu (and Liming) leave from here, Jin Kai Guang Chang 金凯广场

The best way from Lijiang is to get a shared taxi which takes about 1 hour. However, the taxis normally stop running before 6pm.

The taxis to Shigu leave from Jin Kai Guang Chang 金凯广场 on Chang Shui Road 长水路.

Try telling the drivers you want to go to DaMaiDi 大麦地 and you should find someone who will bring you all the way to our house. This will cost 25 or 30 RMB

If you can't find someone to bring you all the way, get a car going to Shigu, 20RMB.

From Lijiang Train station it's really easy. Catch bus 18 (1 RMB) to Bai Long Guang Chang 百龙广场. Then walk west along Chang Shui Road 长水路, go straight at the crossroad with Min Zhu Lu 民主路, and after about 200 metres you arrive at Jin Kai Guang Chang 金凯广场 and will see lots of mini vans waiting in a street on the right.

You can also get a shared taxi from Lijiang train station to Jin Kai Guang Chang 金凯广场 (15 RMB)

From Lijiang Airport you can take the airport bus, and then a short taxi ride to Jin Kai Guang Chang 金凯广场.

Private taxis can also be arranged. For this the price from the train station is 150 to 200RMB (depending on time) or 220RMB from the airport.

From Dali to Shigu

There is one direct bus a day leaving from the East Gate of the Old Town at 6:50 in the morning. If this is too early then get a bus to Lijiang.

From Shigu town to the Stone Drum House

The Stone Drum House is in a small village called Da Mai Di 大麦地 6km west of Shigu, through the valley as shown by the pink arrow.
If you need to be picked up in Shigu, call us and we'll send a car (20RMB per car)

If you are making your own way here you can follow the orange signs for "Shigu Climbing Base". This is an outdoor activities centre and climbing school in the next village about 2km further up the valley. You should see a sign for us hanging in the tree by the side of the road.