Shigu Rock Development

The potential here for rock climbing is tremendous. Only a very very small amount of rock has been touched. There are endless possibilities here for the adventurous climber - hard steep sports routes, long multipitch routes, technical face climbing, mountain caves, unclimbed mountain peaks,....and for climbers who don't like walking we have plenty of close by crags which will take a huge number of routes at all grades

The varirty of rock is also very varied; ranging from grey slabs with tiny pockets to overhanging white conglomerate, and beautiful orange tufas.

Over the coming years we will do all we can to help develop this valley into one of China's top climbing destinations. Done in a responsible way, tourism can have a beneficial effect for people in rural areas and also help protect the natural environment. You may be thinking, "but surly tourism is damaging". It will bring more people who will come in cars, who will march around the mountains throwing rubbish everywhere, who will make new paths, who will pick flowers, and who will drill holes in pristine rock and cover it in chalk just so they can go climbing. On one level this is true and we will work hard to reduce the damage that tourism inevitably brings. But on another level, for people who come from cities, who breath polluted area, eat polluted food and drink polluted water, coming to a place like this will become more and more important. Having the money and time to enjoy outdoor sports is a relatively new phenomenon, and especially so in China. It is this kind of experience of 'nature' which can lead to people taking a greater interest in conserving and protecting the 'natural landscape'.

So lets have a look at some of the lovely rocks here, just waiting for people to come and climb.

Bolting Fund

Please help with the development of Shigu, and ensure climbers' safety and pleasure for years to come. One bolt costs about $3. All donations, big or small, will be gratefully received.