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With the abundance of mountains there are excellent possibilities for all types of cycling. China's rapid expansion is now reaching the most distant places and so new roads are being built all the time. For now this part of China is still relatively unpopulated and so you could enjoy coasting along fresh tarmac through amazing scenery with only a little disturbance from drivers. There are also a lot of villages which are still only accessible by tracks and footpaths.

We have only just started exploring the mountains for cycling routes and hope to add a lot more to this page later.

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Easy Road Routes

If you are looking for something not too strenuous on road, then there are two options. Both routes follow quiet roads on valley bottoms, with beautiful mountain scenery along the way.

The road past the guest house continues for around 20km to the village of Labazhi. There is also another road which goes to the vilage of Liju which is 40km away.

For both roads they have a gradual ascent as you go west which you don't notice too much, but once you have gone as far as you want, you turn round and get to enjoy the descent all the way back.

Shizhi half day ride

19km / 700m elevation gain / 2 to 3 hours ride

Download the GPX track

This 20km loop makes a nice half day ride and can be done in 2 to 3 hours.
It starts with a 400m ascent along a concrete road to the village of Shizhi. The way follows a nice mountain stream through the forest and has good views of jagged granite spires which are above the village.
Just before Shizhi, the route turns off the road onto forest track.
After 2km, the track narrows to a footpath. The next section is 1km of quite technical riding on a narrow trail. The final part of this section is uphill and too steep and rocky to ride so you you will have to push a short way.
Then there is 1km of downhill on forest single track which is all rideable and lots of fun.
This brings you out at a small village. The way back from there is nearly all downhill, first on concrete road and then on tarmac.

Shizhi full day ride

38km / 1200m elevation gain / 5 to 7 hours ride

Download the GPX track

This route makes an excellent day out in the mountains. Most of the route is ridable, but depending on your ability you will be pushing the bike for up to 1.5 hours.

This route starts the same as the one above but continues all the way along the concrete road to the village of Shizhi.
Just past Shizhi the road turns to a dirt track. Some sections are rideable but some of it is too rocky and sandy. Be prepared to push the bike for up to 1 hour. If you take it slowly it isn't too hard, though, and is worth it for the descent.
From the highpoint of almost 3000m, it descends into a beautiful forested valley, with towering granite spires. This way down is really fun, starting with 4km of rough dirt track until you get to a shephard's cabin.
The next kilometer is on single track. A lot of it is rideable, but in some places there is a steep drop off the path on one side, and there are often rocks and roots on the path. Go very slowly, and be prepared to stop and push on some parts.
Eventually you come out of the forest at a small farm, where there are a couple of dogs so take care. If the dogs approach you, you should pick up rocks and pretend to throw them at the dogs. That should be enough to scare them away.
From there, the way becomes a wide dirt track again (parts of which can be quite overgrown with grass after the rainy season). After 1 or 2 km you come down to the road. As you approach the road the track turns to the left, crosses a bridge, then cuts back behind a house and up to the road. You then get to enjoy 17km of cruising downhill on smooth tarmac with very few cars and excellent views.