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Finding a new trail from Shizhi to Shitou.
Wet and muddy ride in the Yunnan summer.
Summer is lush and cool. Perfect for a bike ride.
Two guests stop off for a break on their China tour.
The road is muddy from rain and trucks.
Too steep to ride so we have to push.
The high point on our way from Shigu to Liming.
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With the abundance of mountains there are excellent possibilities for all types of cycling. China's rapid expansion is now reaching the most distant places and so new roads are being built all the time. For now this part of China is still relatively unpopulated and so you could enjoy coasting along fresh tarmac through amazing scenery with only a little disturbance from drivers. There are also a lot of villages which are still only accessible by tracks and footpaths. Once I've had time to explore I'll make some suggested itineraries for rides from a day to a week covering all kinds of terrain.

Bike Rental: 40RMB a day / 25RMB half day

We have three well serviced bikes for rent, a 15" 21 speed mountain bike, a 19" 21 speed mountain bike with hybrid tyres (perfect if you mostly want to stick to roads), and a 17" 28 speed mountain bike with disc brakes.